World tourist trains

In the tourism industry today, the train is a more exciting option for the professional tourist for whom travel is of particular importance. On the other hand, this form of travel as a safe, comfortable vehicle with a large passenger capacity has always been one of the considerable choices in the travel chain for tourism. With the advancement of technology and more people welcoming travel, trains have become more modern and luxurious day by day and provide many facilities and services to passengers. In the first part, we will introduce you to the most luxurious trains in the world. These types of tourist trains are so well equipped and beautiful that they give the feeling of being in a 5-star hotel.
Passenger trains, due to their convenient space, can provide suitable accommodation for travelers on long journeys and double the enjoyment of tourism in a geographical area. Therefore, in different parts of the world, tourist trains have been formed with two different purposes:

1) Ordinary tourist trains for short trips in the form of coupes or seats
2) Hotel-like tourist trains for long-distance travel in the form of luxury suites

Kyushu, a 7-star hotel on the rail

Seven Stars Kyushu; Japan: “Seven Stars” is the most luxurious train in Japan. The train has seven carriages and 14 suites with a capacity of 30 passengers per carriage. The interior of the wagons is very attractive and the best of its kind. The walls are made of acacia and maple wood, the floors of the wagons are made of walnut wood and the window curtains are made of high quality paper. The glass doors are also decorated with birds and flowers, reminiscent of unique Japanese art. It is worth mentioning that Haft Star offers two types of travel programs to its passengers.The first is a two-day trip that stops in Fukuoka, and the other is a four-day trip around the southern islands of Japan. Interestingly, both of these trips have countless applicants. As a result, the company selects from among them by lot. Prices for these trips also include accommodation, transportation, food and drink, and a tour of the scenery.
The interior design of this 7-star train is completely wooden and is made in a classic style and evokes another historical period for the viewer. “Every part of the world’s most luxurious train is unique and unparalleled; From chairs to lighting, Mandala furniture and paintings are inspired by the cultures of the East and West of the world, creating a landscape you have never seen before.Japan’s seven-star cruise train, often referred to as the world’s most luxurious train, combines the luxury of the ancient world with the most advanced elements of the railroad industry. The train is claimed to be the first luxury “slipper” of its kind in Japan, and first joined the railroad in 2013.
Passengers waiting at the Hakata station in Fukaoka City for a 7-star passenger train know that they are about to step into another world and experience a journey they have never seen before. This train is the most luxurious train in the world. The Japanese cruise train uses both new technologies in catering and service to its passengers, as well as traditional rituals and principles. This luxury train takes passengers on a two- to four-day tour to Kyushu. The train carries only 28 passengers at a time. Therefore, there is fierce competition among those who want to use this train, and applicants for this cruise must participate in a lottery.

Golden Eagle, the most enjoyable travel experience

Golden Eagle from Moscow to Vladivostok in Russia: Passengers who use the train the most for their travels believe that the most enjoyable train travel experience belongs to the Trans-Cyber ​​Express trains. These trains, which pass through exciting routes in eight different time zones, create a different experience for their passengers.The Golden Eagle is actually a luxury type of trans-cyber train. The train has a variety of facilities: including toilets inside the suite, air conditioning in summer and full heat in winter, laundry service, TV, a pianist and an English-speaking doctor. Therefore, the passengers of this train feel the experience of a two-week trip with a pleasure boat more than the trip by train. It is interesting to know that the train also stops for sightseeing along the route.The route, which runs through Lake Baikal, stops next to a Soviet-era steam locomotive and heads to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Five-star accommodation in Moscow and Vladivostok has also been provided to help travelers get used to the cold weather of these regions.

Journey to the Land of the Sun with Shiki ‌ Shima

Shiki Shima is the name of a very luxurious five-star train in Japan, which can be considered the most unrivaled train in the world today. The train is designed to travel between Tokyo and Hokkaido, and tickets for this train cost up to 7,700 euros!
The Chima Shima train is actually made of ultra-stylish and modern suites and takes passengers on one, two and three day trips to the depths of the beauty of eastern Japan. The cabins of this luxury train are all fully equipped suites filled with modern and beautiful Japanese furniture and luxurious and high quality materials. One of the most attractive parts of this train is its luxury restaurant, which offers the best traditional Japanese food to the passengers with extremely artistic decoration and survey. In this luxury suite train, you can watch the original and mesmerizing views of Japan’s nature from the train window while sitting in a luxurious suite.The train has 17 private suites and a total of 10 wagons originating in Tokyo and heading to Hokkaido. All of these trains are equipped like a 5-star hotel, and the two carriages at the beginning and end of the train have a panoramic view of the outside world. Shiki – Shima in Japanese means the island of four seasons, a first-class train that is also called the most modern train in the world and its entire roof is made of glass so that you can see the starry sky when traveling at night.The toilets of this train have a bathtub, which was designed by the main designer of one of the most famous Japanese designers, Raken Okoyama, and he has designed other famous trains in this country. The first trip of this train was on May 4, when it traveled the distance between Tokyo and Hokkaido, which was about 1,200 km. He has done the same.

Experience a trip with a Venetian businessman

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, London to Venice: The Orient Express is a mix of love and excitement for those who have lived with Agatha Christie stories. Because it reminds them of one of Agatha Christie’s famous stories called Murder on the Orient Express. The Orient Express passes through the most spectacular legendary cities in Europe; From London and Paris in the heart of Europe to Innsbruck, Verona and Venice in southern Europe. The artistic splendor of these trains has been preserved for many years, and its magnificent suites are still reminiscent of its glittering past.In fact, most travelers in London take the train overnight to Venice. Interestingly, travelers traveling from Italy may notice strange boxes being delivered to a chef at a Paris station.These boxes are filled with freshly caught crabs. Travelers traveling west will have the chance to eat these fresh and delicious crabs for breakfast before the train arrives at the French port of Calais.

Watch the sunset next to the Taj Mahal

Maharajas’ Express from Delhi to Mumbai: The interior decoration of the train is in fact an imitation of the art of the golden days of the Raj’s reign, when the Maharajas traveled in all their splendor. Such a splendor has been reconstructed for one-week trips, and travelers are overwhelmed by the splendor of those days. Traveling by Maharaja train is a pleasant three-day trip.
This beautiful and luxurious train has 23 wagons and its capacity is 82 passengers. The “Maharaja Express” train has 5 very luxurious and luxurious suites, each of which has four rooms with full facilities.

The Inca civilization through the luxurious window of Belmond

South Africa’s first luxury train (Belmond Andean Explorer) travels from Casco, the capital of the Inca Empire, through the great Andean plains to the white city of Archipelago. The train has a Peruvian-inspired interior design with breathtaking views. The route of this beautiful train is Casco to Archipa, which takes 3 days and costs $ 2065 per person.