Summary of the plan

The Shalamcheh-Basra railway project and the Shalamcheh logistics terminal, although ostensibly establishing a rail link between Iran and Iraq,
But in fact, it will connect East to West Asia and eventually Europe. So on the 50-year horizon, this is the railroad
It will be one of the most important and strategic railway routes in the Middle East and Iran.

This project is also important for providing services to the pilgrims of the holy shrines, especially on special days such as Arbaeen.

The length of the project railway line is 32 km based on the initial designed route with an axial load of 25 tons, which has made the implementation conditions complicated and difficult. The special bed of the land in some places, the necessity of demining in some parts, the construction of railway and road bridges in some places are other features of this project.

Given that currently about 15 million passenger traffic (round trip) and 20 million tons of cargo are transported between the two countries annually, it is necessary to make the necessary forecasts in the design of the project. Therefore, in addition to forecasting a large passenger lounge at the zero point of the border, a freight station and two field stations are also forecasted.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 100 million euros, which will be fully funded by the investor.

Due to the fact that the project will be built and operated by the BOT method, the method of revenue generation and return on investment will be from the allocation of railway line operation tariffs and freight and passenger tolls to the investor.