Traction force in the country’s rail transport is considered as the top factor of the pyramid of this industry, which in line with the privatization policies of the railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasis on the presence of the private sector in supplying traction, Shokooh Pars Golden Delijan Company (Public Joint Stock) With the approach of providing effective, programmable and flexible traction force to meet the special needs of customers and with the aim of becoming the largest private company owning locomotives with the largest share of ton-kilometers transported in the country, in 1400 to buy 12 units The MAP 24 locomotive produces 3300 horsepower.
In this regard, we were able to create a 35% efficiency per capita by forming the first scheduled freight train in the country in 1400 on the Sangan to Zarrinshahr route and reducing the cargo delivery time by 30% and making optimal use of the locomotive effective traction force in accordance with the route force force profile. Increase the tonne-kilometer transported per locomotive to 450,000 per day.
The company has a capacity of 2 billion tons per year with its current fleet, which is based on the plans made to increase the fleet and increase the effective traction per capita of each locomotive, relying on the knowledge of its personnel, this capacity will increase to 5 Billion ton kilometers will increase.
The most important services provided by this company are:
1. Providing programmable and custom traction force to provide to wagon owners
2. Repair, maintenance and operation of all types of freight and passenger locomotives
3. Providing engineering services to increase productivity in the country’s rail industry