Fitras five star trains

A memorable trip
The 5-star Fitras Coupe trains have prepared you for a memorable trip. everything is ready. Specify a date; Choose your travel companions We will be with you from the departure station to the destination.
Have fun with entertainment and select hundreds of movies and music files
Fitras passengers are welcomed at the station at a dedicated entrance.
Warm hospitality by qualified hosts
Fitras services for a memorable trip
Special, clean and tidy sleeping packages.
A different experience of European cuisine with oriental taste
Provide drinks and wet towels
Experience the comfort of home
Take a break

Each Fitras wagon consists of ten four-bed compartments and can accommodate forty passengers. All coupe components are designed according to ergonomic standards. Seats, backs, backrests are designed according to the anatomy of the body to make travelers feel comfortable on long journeys. The size of the beds is 1760 600 600 mm and larger than other beds and provides complete sleep. The upper bed is equipped with a safety guard to ensure a comfortable sleep for passengers. The latex cover of the seats and beds has a good density for the comfort of the passengers and the outer covers are made of soft and non-flammable materials. There is an expandable dining table between the two chairs.

The main features of the Fitras train

Ability to move at speeds of more than 200 kilometers per hour
Catering services
The chamber temperature is adjustable between 22-26 ºC in summer and winter
Fire alarm and extinguishing system
Audio and video system for selecting and playing new movie and music collections
Bathroom (squat toilet and toilet)
WiFi internet access for travelers
Direction markers and signs outside the wagon
Four-board compartments
CCTV system in public places
Special lighting system
Thermal and sound insulation systems to ensure a quality trip

Modern and luxurious interior design

By providing facilities for comfortable train travel, Fitras has trained skilled staff who are qualified, responsible, respectful and pleasant hosts for Fitras train passengers.
There are two toilets (squat toilets and toilets) equipped with sanitary facilities and vacuum systems at both ends of the wagon. In addition to being stylish and special lighting, these toilets are made of advanced equipment, decorative parts and materials. By managing the 400 liter water tank, automatic valves and drain control circuit prevent waste and water shortage. In addition, the wagon sanitary workers clean, disinfect and control the cabin equipment several times during each trip.
Fitras train crews have been selected and trained by experienced Lufthansa airlines.

Trained and skilled hostesses

Hospitality in nature is an organizational principle. Before the trip, our hosts are waiting for you at the entrance of the hall to greet you and guide you respectfully. The coupe is your private space and the crew will be present only when needed so as not to disturb your privacy. Fitras stewards respectfully listen to your requests and provide you with the information or services they need. Fitras really shows you the traditional hospitality to have a pleasant travel experience.

Enjoyable travel experience

Each wagon has a compartment to provide hot and cold drinks and food around the clock. Special utensils, food carts, industrial refrigerators, high heaters and coffee and tea making facilities are all located there. The SENA control panel, which is installed there, also allows passengers to receive food orders, communicate with passengers and announce the necessary announcements.
The quality and variety of food is one of the priorities of Fitras to provide superior services to travelers. The food is prepared by Donna International Catering Company and served by our trained staff. In designing the food menu, we have tried to match international cuisine with oriental flavors.

Different tastes of international and oriental chefs

At Donna Catering, health information and raw material certifications are carefully monitored and containers are prepared according to train schedules. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Lunch combines carbohydrates and protein, and dinner is high in fiber and protein. Containers are automatically packed in Donna catering using an automatic vacuum system and disposable containers and then transported to the train.
The Fitras train uses modern smart displays for the entertainment and comfort of passengers. Travel information, including origin and destination, is displayed on an LED screen on the train body as well as a 15-inch LCD at the wagon entrance.
Each compartment has two 15-inch full HD monitors. Passengers are provided with a remote control for monitors that provide audio and video features on the SENA network platform. The SENA control dashboard is at the disposal of the hostess inside the semi-enclosure and is controlled using the touch screen, enabling them to communicate with passengers and receive orders, and using the installed CCTV cameras, to secure the wagons. To be monitored.
SENA is the first smart grid display system designed and developed exclusively for international rail standards. The system, which includes various software and hardware components, offers various services such as entertainment, departure information and communication facilities for passengers and companions. Some of the system services are as follows:
Broadcast the recitation of the Holy Quran and Islamic prayers
Play music
Movie playback
Show prayer time
Intranet access
Distance to destination
Distance to next station Current and next station
average speed
Travel information on the map
Contact information for the hostess

In the Fitras train, there is always fresh air and the hot or cold air outside does not affect the regulated air temperature inside the wagon. The air conditioning system is carefully designed. Compared to other wagons, the system is much more efficient and provides comfortable travel by complying with UIC553 and ASHRAE standards. The temperature in each coupe can be adjusted (22-26 ° C) in hot and cold seasons and in different weather conditions along the way. This system has become much more efficient by using rock wool thermal insulation on floors, ceilings and walls, as well as a modular ventilation cycle system.
One of the essential factors for the comfort of passengers is to have peace and quiet during rest. This is done using a muffler in the air conditioning box, which reduces noise.
Environmental protection is one of the social concerns of Fitras, so we have complied with the ISO 14001 environmental standard in the design of the ventilation system.