About us

Fadak Value Makers is an investment group with 17 years of specialized experience in the railway industry. One of the successful projects of this group is the largest mineral rail freight transportation company with 1200 long-edge freight wagons and nearly 800 leased wagons and its offering in the capital market (symbol of Haril), the first generation of Iranian five-star trains “Fadak”. 1 »Under the supervision of Prose Sweden International Company, under Noafarin Rail Pardaz Company and offering its shares with the symbol” Haafarin “, as well as equipping and launching the first and largest private railway catering in the Middle East in the Iranian-Austrian company” Dona “and offering it in The stock exchange with the symbol of “Gaduna” is the launch of the most agile company for designing, producing and supplying passenger wagons in the country under Rail Pardaz Sistem Company.The strategy of this holding is to improve the quality of the country’s rail transportation industry in the field of passenger and freight, and in this regard, with the help of God Almighty and under the care of Ms. Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH), God willing, the first Shalamcheh-Basra railway was inaugurated in 1403 AH. The train from Haram (Mashhad Reza) to Haram (Karbala Moali) will be launched by Shokooh Pars Golden Delijan Company and will be ready to serve the pilgrims.