About Fadak Value Creators Investment Group

Fadak Value Makers is an investment group with 17 years of specialized experience in the railway industry. One of the successful projects of this group is the largest mineral rail freight transportation company with 1200 long-edge freight wagons and nearly 800 leased wagons and its offering in the capital market (symbol of Haril), the first generation of Iranian five-star trains “Fadak”. 1 »Under the supervision of Prose Sweden International Company, under Noafarin Rail Pardaz Company and offering its shares with the symbol” Haafarin “, as well as equipping and launching the first and largest private railway catering in the Middle East in the Iranian-Austrian company” Dona “and offering it in The stock exchange with the symbol of “Gaduna”, is the establishment of the most agile company for designing, producing and supplying passenger wagons in the country under Rail Pardaz Sistem Company.

The strategy of this holding is to improve the quality of the country’s rail transportation industry in the field of passenger and freight, and in this regard, the company “Golden Delijan Shokooh Pars” has been established with the aim of designing and creating the first generation of “tourist train hotel” in the country. Preliminary studies of the project started in 1993 and gradually continued with planning, purchasing wagons, designing and equipping wagons and in the stage of completing interior decoration and road dimensions. The glory of Persian culture and civilization enters the country’s rail network.


Shokuh Pars Tourism Hotel train project

The “Glory of Persia Glory of Persia” tourist train will be designed in eleven wagons, including 3 economy wagons, 3 business wagons and a luxury wagon. This luxury train-hotel has a total of 19 suites with facilities up to one hotel room, 30 special cabins and a total capacity of 98 passengers in one ROM. A Cassian restaurant wagon and a modern luxury lounge will serve guests’s meals during the trip.The model service of these restaurants is designed on the basis of Iranian food tourism and will surprise tourists with a variety of local Iranian food in accordance with international tastes. Train restaurants will operate with modern kitchens and top Iranian chefs. Adequate rest areas and compartments are also provided for all train personnel.

Fitras 5 star trains

Fitras 5-star trains entered Iran from Germany in 2015, and in 2016, after special technical reforms tailored to the needs of Iranian passengers, they joined the national rail transport. All technical and engineering operations were performed under the supervision and approval of Swiss Prose Ab. In addition to the various facilities offered, Fitras has created a specialized group to select and train experienced staff in order to provide quality services to modern airlines. Equipping and launching Donna Catering with the participation of Don Hauser, a reputable Austrian company, is another unique measure taken to provide the best services to travelers.


5-star Fitras train

Operation of the locomotive

Traction force in the country’s rail transport is considered as the top factor of the pyramid of this industry, which in line with the privatization policies of the railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasis on the presence of the private sector in supplying traction, Shokooh Pars Golden Delijan Company (Public Joint Stock) With the approach of providing effective, programmable and flexible traction force to meet the special needs of customers and with the aim of becoming the largest private company owning locomotives with the largest share of ton-kilometers transported in the country, in 1400 to buy 12 units The MAP 24 locomotive produces 3300 horsepower.
In this regard, we were able to create a 35% efficiency per capita by forming the first scheduled freight train in the country in 1400 on the Sangan to Zarrinshahr route and reducing the cargo delivery time by 30% and making optimal use of the locomotive effective traction force in accordance with the route force force profile. Increase the tonne-kilometer transported per locomotive to 450,000 per day.
The company has a capacity of 2 billion tons per year with its current fleet, which is based on the plans made to increase the fleet and increase the effective traction per capita of each locomotive, relying on the knowledge of its personnel, this capacity will increase to 5 Billion ton kilometers will increase.
The most important services provided by this company are:

1. Providing programmable and custom traction force to provide to wagon owners
2. Repair, maintenance and operation of all types of freight and passenger locomotives
3. Providing engineering services to increase productivity in the country’s rail industry


World tourist trains

Today, in the tourism industry, the train is a more exciting option for the professional tourist for whom the travel route is of particular importance. On the other hand, this form of travel as a safe, comfortable vehicle with a large travel capacity has always been one of the considerable choices in the travel chain for tourism. With the advancement of technology and the acceptance of more people than travel, trains have become more modern and luxurious day by day, and many facilities and welfare services are available to travelers.

Due to having a suitable space, passenger trains can provide suitable accommodation facilities for travelers on long journeys and increase the tourist enjoyment in a geographical area. Therefore, in different parts of the world, tourist trains have been formed with two different purposes:

1. Normal tourist trains for short trips in the form of coupes or seats
2. Tourist trains such as hotel for long-distance travel in the form of luxury suites

The philosophy of creation and the main purpose of the tourist train

The philosophy of creating and the main goal of the tourist train is to attract tourists from among foreign tourists. According to the Tourism Organization, the share of the Iranian tourism industry in GDP is about $ 119 million (equivalent to 2.4 percent), which is projected to increase four times in 1402.Based on the statistics of the World Economic Forum and comparison with its competitors in the field of tourism, Iran’s position in the tourism competitiveness index has been growing in many indicators. The trend of tourists The arrival of tourists to Iran and the very favorable situation in indicators such as competitive prices along with the trend of traffic in other competitive industries are attractive and attractive.

Economic review of tourism industry

The budget and expenses of foreign tourists entering our country are significant and considering the sale of foreign currency, the tourism industry has many economic justifications. For economic planning, tourism, rail, study the target market (in terms of nationality and entry), behavioral, routes outing and the common budget foreign tourists and referring to international statistics to estimate the average cost of the foreign tourists in the Middle East and Iran is of particular importance It has


Iran’s potential for tourism

Iran is a country with a wide range of tourist attractions and is prominent in many areas of tourism in the world. The texture of Persian culture and ancient Iranian history has become better and more visible with the help of Iranian architecture. In a way that throughout the centuries, the signs of Iranian art, as well as architectural masterpieces and tiling, have been spoken in general and in particular. It has been. Introducing the tombs of these greats to tourists in any field and developing them is one of the potentials of tourism in Iran. Iran’s antiquity is one of its most important tourism potentials.
The simultaneous diversity of Iran’s climate, from the jungle and the sea to the desert and the equatorial climate, in a short distance from each other, has provided little for tourism. Iran is a high plateau located at a latitude of twenty-five to forty degrees in the northern hemisphere and in the warm region. Desert and semi-desert areas occupy more than half of the country. About one-third of Iran is also mountainous, and a small part of Iran (including the Caspian Sea and the Khuzestan Plain) is made up of fertile plains. From the north to the south of the country, we gradually encounter different climatic zones.